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you'll be with me like a handprint in my heart
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May. 11th, 2005 @ 09:28 pm (no subject)
My mood: nervousnervous
Tune of the moment: My cell phones is misiing
YES friday I might be getting a second ear piercing!! while julia gets her first.  I have like this pit in my stoughmach because I cant find my cell phone.  I used it this morning on the bus and now its not in my bag.  I have no idea where it went.  Its not in my locker.  And whs is sucha sucky school because if anyone finds it they will just keep it :(.  like mr birkenstocks and mp3 player.  I always seem to loose such expencive things.  wahh. God I feel so guilty.  I know I'm not going ot find it.  I dono what the hell I'm gunna do.  okay well I'm gunna go play tetris because I'm addicted to it.  I got really good last night.  I got it down to the last row.
May. 10th, 2005 @ 05:48 pm lard loaf
My mood: weirdweird
Tune of the moment: Mr Brightside - The Killers
Using the computer in the bunny room because it has a new monitor! yeah its like 1 inch thick.  Today I was like so wierd...my alergie medicine is making me all cooky.  Had a really eay day though..nothing happened in any of my acedemic classes.  I had gym for the hour and I cut band :).  was fun. played cards outside with julia bray mike kat tom and goose.  This saterday I'm going to like this race somewhere.  Only me kerri kerry and catherine are going.  I dont even know why I'm going.  I don't get why he chose me over like afton or kersten. O well.  I dont know wether I should do cross country next year or field hockey.  The people on track are deffinatly alot more open and nicer but like I cant leave nina and becky in field hockey.  and plus I bet my sister I wouldn't do it next year and I would have ot pay her 10 bucks if I end up doing it.  Made a stop at the teen center today.  Just to go with my mom and halp plan the banquet.  Its acually not too bad, except there were off the wall 8th graders. they  drank like 5 gallons of red bull and were running around everywhere.  Its allot smaller inside than It looks outside.  I think I want to go there when something good is happening. I have no homework today! hmm whats on tv.  American Idols on  But thats like half commercials.  Gilmore girls is on.  could watch that.ohh wait I think one tree hill is on.  I was so happy I got a letter from my cousin! haha I never get mail.  Its so exciting. Yeah so we got a new table outside.  Its from pottery barn and now our deck looks like a magazine picture.  I dont really want summer to come.  Because I never see my friend over the summer and I have nothing to do.  Yeah I'm going ot mexico but thats for 10 days.  what aoubt the other like 40. Last year I just kind sat around with kerri and mom in the main room and didn't move becuas eit was too hot.  I hlpe we get ac in one room this year.  or like make our downstairs liveable because it gets so damn hot.  I'm gunna go bounce on the trampoliene  woot 
May. 9th, 2005 @ 08:03 pm mondayyy
My mood: happyhappy
Tune of the moment: Silent Eve- Love Hina Soundtrack
track meet was good.  and I dont think I'm getting any bad interums! recent odsession is hello kitty and friends. hahah I'm sucha loser.  There so cute though.  Have allot of little things to do today..like check email..update calendar..wash clothes..homework..organize shampoos..and other random stuff. My back ios so messed up.  Its really sore.  I need it to be cracked so badly.  Ashley cracked it like 10 times already but theres one more spot that just is annoying my so much.  AH it sucks.  have to go take a shower cause im sveatay. This friday is friday the 13th.
May. 7th, 2005 @ 01:47 pm still at the library
My mood: confusedconfused
haha okay wierd. My family like isn't here anymore. I just looked everywhere in the libary and there not here. AWSOME. I really want to go to minks to sinks and see if they have any cute japanese/anime/cute junk there. Probably not. but i wana see anyways. now I'm gunna go look for my family now. byee
May. 7th, 2005 @ 01:37 pm At Library
My mood: fullfull

at wilton library.  Just got my mom some flowers from stop'n shop.  Saw amy here. Lately I've seen so many people at the library.  Like I saw Emily roberts..Elijah..and well I've only been here 3 times this week. (mostly from running in to town) but I always see someone here I know.  I got the trident sweet to sour gum.  Its not that good. Not recomended.  Last night I went in to town and saw Hitchhichkers Guide to the Galaxy.  Of what I saw it seemed really good.  But then again I only really saw about a half hour all together of it.  Julia didn't want to see it and she was being stuborn and not going back in.  but it was okay because we just hung out in the hall. after the sitting in the hall way we kinda just hung.  I saw Ashley and Becky there and then we saw jeff and we had been instructed to stalk him so we did for a while until he turned around and saw us.  Then we just kinda talked for a while and then I headed back for starbucks. After that went over ninas for a sleep over.  Kerri took the sats today.  I really hope she did well.  okay well I have to go.


May. 4th, 2005 @ 06:10 pm (no subject)
My mood: calmcalm
Tune of the moment: The Killers - Somebody Told me
that 70's show is on tonight at 8 and its the "goodbye show".  :(  Just though I'd update to tell you all that.  chow
May. 3rd, 2005 @ 06:32 pm (no subject)
dont really know why I'm updating nothing much happened today.  um bio test easy pretty much....anddd didn't have to run the mile and a half today which was good. the fucking soda machine ate my money!!!!! I was tre mad.  it was a whole dollar and 55 cents too.
May. 2nd, 2005 @ 08:19 pm (no subject)
My mood: touchedWishful
Tune of the moment: Mr Brightside - The Killers
The track meet ended early but I still got home around 7 But of course all my events were like in the beggining. We stopped on the way home for ice cream and coach gee paid for it all! He must of gotten lucky wiht his girlfriend last night or something because he was in a really good mood. I have to study for a humungo bio test. Overall today I had a good day except I got some bad news about a someone and a someone that are now a something. but hey whatever. The years almost over only 31 more days...
May. 2nd, 2005 @ 08:39 am Study Hall
My mood: anxiousanxious
In study hall ahora. Julias finishing westerciv and I'm just here studing for spanish. I have a track meet later today. I hope I dont get nervous. I have d for the hour..so spanish. That class always goes by so slow. um yeah so I'm wearing ym new pants today. yay. My eyes still itch a bit but I realized that the allergie medicine doesn't put me to sleep so I can take it when I'm at school.
Family Guy last night wasn't that funny. My mom walked in when there were like having sex. Lucky my dad likes it took so she couldn't tell me to shut it off. American Dad really isn't funny at all. There are so many simalrities to Family Guy that its just really stupid. I love the sound of this keyboard I'm typin gon so I just want to keep typing and typing. So I dont have another day off from school in a long time. This weekend felt so short becasue we havnet had a reular weekend in a really long time. So I ended up not going to greek easter on sunday. I stayed home and watch tv for like 3 hours. On nick the avatar was on all day. Its okay..its not like great though. okay well its 8:50 and... well yeah I dont have to go yet. I woke up kinda early this morning..like 6:45 and my mom was driving me so I had like an hour to kill. I turned on my computer and the internet wasn't working. And yesterday It was really slow. I hope I dont have a virus. Im am very sad. I've lost my berkenstocks and my mp3 player. I never used to loose anything before. All together thats like 200 dollars waisted. I left my berkenstocks in the loker room and they got stolen and my mp3 player is just gone. I miss it:(. Now I'm just stuck with crappy old cd's I made like 3 years ago. I really want a boyfriend. I haven't had one in a while. When I get the chance I just think I've been doing fine with out one and thell just be a bother. But its alreay the end of freshman year and I haven't ever been in like a real relationship wiht a guy. At this rate I wont have a boyfriend untill collage. woooooo. okay I'm gunna stop blabbering on about al this mushey stuff. I really hope there a double feture of oc on this thursday. I heard rumors that there might be. bush is lucky he cant run again because he would loose, he took up oc time! plus hes a lier and just an idiot. okay well I gotta run.
May. 1st, 2005 @ 01:38 pm (no subject)

yeah I dont know how to put those blog things in my lj with out messing them up so I will just write it out...

Mitsuki Oimikado
is my japanese name
May. 1st, 2005 @ 10:45 am new month!
My mood: gloomygloomy
Tune of the moment: nothing

kinda sad. Slept over talenes house lastnight with the crew.  played catch phrase for like 2 hours. We made pancakes this morninng. haha they didnt turn out that good.  stuff to add to pancakes..

  • Bannanas
  • Strawberries
  • sprinkles
  • white and milk chocolate
  • any type of candy
  • Cocolate syrup :D

There so good when you have all the candy in them.  haah you can make them so sweet.   Found out that 2 people I though liked me dont anymore. Probably failed the spanish and math test.   yeah so dont feel on top of the world today.  plus its discusting outside and that pretty much determines my mood. Yeah even though I said rabbit rabbit rabbit for good luck it doesn't seem to be doing too much for me right now. 

Apr. 30th, 2005 @ 11:13 am (no subject)
My mood: depresseddepressed
My hollister pants came in the mail and they fit me! happy about that.  Yesterday wasn't too good.  and today isn't off to a great start.  Plans are to go to the mall later but doubt that will happen.  And this weekend pretty much will suck :).